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Boiler, Plumbing & Heating Cover Plan : £18 per month

Whats Included:

  • Boiler Breakdown Cover, Parts & Labour Inc.
  • Full Annual Boiler Service.
  • Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) on all gas appliances.
  • Heating Controls and Pump Cover.
  • Breakdown Parts & Labour Cover.
  • Heating System Pipework & Fittings Cover.
  • Hot & Cold Water Pipe & Fittings Cover.
  • Radiators & Valves Repair Cover.
  • Vented Hot Water Cylinders.
  • Plumbing Pipes & Fittings Cover.
  • Waste Traps & Waste Pipe Cover.
  • Leaking Toilet & Cistern Cover.
  • CO2 Carbon Monoxide Health Check.
  • Annual system/radiator inspection.
  • 24 Hour Responsive service*.
  • Directly employed Gas Safe Engineers.
  • NO Lengthy Contracts.

Mains & Drains Cover Plan + £7 per month

What’s Included:

  • External Drainage (Below Ground).
  • External Drainage (Above Ground).
  • Soil Stack & Vent Pipe.
  • External Waste System.
  • External Water Main (Below Ground).
  • External Water Main (Above Ground).
  • External Stop Cock.
  • Blocked WC’s.
  • Blocked Basin/Sink Waste.
  • Blocked Shower/Bath Waste.

Additional Electrical HomeCare Cover + £10 per Month

What's Covered:

  • Breakdown/Fault to fuse box or consumer unit.
  • Loss of electrical power to a circuit or circuits.
  • Failure to a circuit/circuits resulting from a DIY incident.
  • Broken/Failed electrical switch.
  • Failed light bulb socket.
  • Repair/replacement of an electrical immersion element.
  • Repair/replacement of your heating controls and
  • Power loss to external security and garden lighting.
  • Broken/Failed electrical socket.
  • Failed wiring to an electrical shower unit.
  • Failed wiring to an immersion heater.
  • Broken/Failed supply to an electric oven/hob.
  • Failed wiring connecting any smoke alarms, burglar alarm
    or doorbells.
  • Failed wiring to any electrical garage doors/gates.
  • Any permanent damage to your domestic electrical system resulting from a power cut.

As with our extensive boiler, plumbing and heating cover our emergency electrical cover plan will be subject to an initial inspection of your electrical circuits, fuse board/consumer unit, plugs, switches, sockets and lighting fitments. Should any defects be found during this survey we will quote you our Soper HomeCare discounted rate to carry out any required repairs or alternatively any defect elements found can be omitted from the cover on a mutual agreement.

Please Note: If your property is a flat we only cover your dwelling and the Soper HomeCare Electrical Cover Plan will not be responsible for any communal areas leading to your property.

The Soper HomeCare Electrical Cover: For domestic permanent 240v electrical supply systems/circuits within the property including outbuildings, garages and sheds where a permanent 240v circuit is present. Electrical cover starts from (but not including) any electricity supply companies electrical meter.


The Soper HomeCare Team are here to help. We are just a phone call or email away in your time of need. With now over 1500 satisfied, registered Soper HomeCare customers!
Join us today and relax in the knowledge that our local family run business with specialist GasSafe engineers are here to serve...

*24 hour responsive service: We will respond within 24 hours of initial call. However, most service requests are responded to on a ‘same working day’ basis. Offices are manned Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm with a call divert to our duty engineer when available. If you can smell gas please call 0800 111 999.

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Landlords, Property Owners, Holiday Homes & HMO HomeCare Cover Plan.

  • Landlords, Property Owners, Holiday Homes & HMO HomeCare Cover Plan.
  • One simple policy covers all. The same fantastic cover the same fantastic service...


The Soper HomeCare Team work closely with a number of letting agents and Landlords in and around the Plymouth area and our Landlords HomeCare Cover Plan is proving to be a great success.

Our Landlord policy is exactly the same as the above for the same price of only £18 per month Inc. VAT and includes the vital annual boiler service and gas safety certificate (CP12) and covers all/any boiler breakdowns, heating issues and plumbing/waste problems (materials and labour included). We have no excess fees, lengthy contracts or hidden charges...

We are happy to deal direct with your tenants and are also more than happy for your tenants to contact us directly in their time of need, saving the landlords and ladies a great amount of time, trouble and inconvenience... If we are contacted by your HomeCare tenant we simply carry out the necessary repair and inform you by email once the problems been resolved.

We even carry out a complementary gas safety certificate (CP12) should there be a change of tenancy between annual updates.

Contact us today to get your rental properties covered!

Our competitors:

British Gas EDF Home Serve AVIVA Corgi Soper
Plan Name
Home Care Two Total Protect
Plumbing & Drainage
Heating & Plumbing
Complete Home
Soper HomeCare TM
Cover Plan
From £17 pm £14.76 pm From £17 pm £15.50 pm £21 pm £18 pm
£60 £95 £60 £50 £60 No Excess and
No hidden costs
Price without excess
from £24 pm Price on quotation From £32 pm NA £29 pm £18 pm
Not included
Plumbing repairs
not included
Price increase to
£29 pm + £60 excess
or £44 pm on renewal
Price increase by 25%
in year two (£19.38)
If boiler is 7 years old,
the monthly premium
increases by £2

Prices taken November 2019

Personal Statement:

I am privileged to be the latest in a long line of Soper’s to serve the people of Plymouth. Having dedicated my life to the plumbing, heating and construction industry, I am sincerely looking forward to building on our families successful reputation and continue to deliver the high levels of service the Plymouth community expects.

Marc Soper
Director: Soper Plumbing & Heating Ltd


Having spent decades in the service industry and carefully listening to our customer needs, Soper Plumbing & Heating Ltd take great pride in offering a simple HomeCare boiler, plumbing and central heating cover plan. We don’t have any long winded, lengthy contracts full of terms and conditions and ‘get out’ clauses. No hidden costs, charges or excessive excesses! Just plain and simple boiler, plumbing and heating cover in one policy, so there’s no confusion on what’s covered and what’s not. Everything you need to know about our cover plan is contained within this webpage.

We don’t have a complex automated telephone system to confuse our customers just the simple ‘old fashioned’ you ring - we answer service. But if you’re really struggling to get through to us you can simply email us or call in to our local Plymouth offices.

The Soper customer service is the key to our success. With over 150 years serving Plymouth we have maintained our old fashioned customer values. The customer is NOT a policy number!

Don’t be left in the cold... Join us today and relax in the comfort that our local, family run company is there to keep your boiler and heating running efficiently all year round.

Boiler, Plumbing & Heating Cover Plan

What's not included

  • Adjustments to time and temperature controls.
  • Inherent defects or inadequacy to the original design and installation of the system/appliance.
  • Any defects or damage caused through malicious or wilful action, negligence, or third party interference.
  • Any defects or damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, flood, storm, frost, impact or other extraneous cause.
  • Removing sludge from system. As a Homecare Customer, we offer a half price system flush for only £250 + VAT.
  • Replacement of any part of the plumbing or heating system due to sludge, corrosion or oxidisation.
  • We do not replace boilers/fires over 5 years old. If your boiler/fire is deemed to be uneconomical to repair or parts are no longer available (or made to order) we offer all our policy customers a fixed price of £500 + VAT for labour (only redeemable on like for like combination boiler installations) and materials at cost plus 25%.
  • For our full list of exclusions please view our downloadable information pack.

Mains & Drains Cover Plan

What’s Not Included:

  • Drainage pipework not on your property.
  • Water main supply not on your property.
  • Collapsed Drain.
  • Shared Drainage Systems.
  • Lead Service Water Main.
  • Steel/Iron Service Water Main.
  • Drain Blockage Due to Misuse (Nappies etc).

Additional Electrical HomeCare Cover

What's not included

  • The resetting of circuit breakers.
  • A power cut to the property that has not caused any permanent damage.
  • Any appliances with plugs or any wiring past an isolation point supplying an appliance (spur/switch).
  • Satellite Dishes, Radio/TV aerials and their fittings/mast, telephones and their associated wiring.
  • Any wiring/circuits buried below ground.
  • The replacement of light bulbs, fluorescent tubes or decorative lighting.
  • The replacement of fuse/s in plugs.
  • The rewiring of your property.
  • Any wiring/circuit that does not form part of the permanent 240v electrical supply.
  • PV solar systems their wiring and panels.
  • Repair/replacement of wiring encased in rubber or lead or any part electrical wiring where completing a repair would result in a breach of the current electrical wiring regulations and electrical safety standard BS7671:2008 - Requirements for Electrical Installations (incorporating amendment 3:2015.

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